Won’t you join us on our journey to make an impact in children’s lives?

Providing Care for Children in Kenya

Starfish Kenya is dedicated to making the words, “Jesus loves me, this I know,” a reality in the lives of the most vulnerable children in Kenya. Everything we do flows from this mission statement. Our desire is to enable the children we support to experience God’s love by meeting their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Our Story

“What we experienced in Kenya changed us, and because of what we had seen, experienced, and viscerally felt, we were compelled to help…”

How Can I Help?

Won’t you join us on our journey to make an impact in children’s lives? We have various ways you can support the mission of Starfish Kenya.

Our Approach

Paramount to Starfish Kenya’s core values is caring for “the whole child,” one child at a time. While meeting the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and medical care for children most in need in Kenya is primary, we also provide academic education as well as abundant opportunities for spiritual growth, physical fitness and recreation, vocational skills training, visual and performing arts, and hands-on practice. Students are able to explore and learn skills for a future career in the area of their natural talents and interests.

Our Impact

“Our time at House of Hope convinced me God is working in Kenya through Kenyans…and He’s allowed us to join them.”

Marco Becerra
Susan Hageman
Phil Davis
Gabby Go
Jeri Gardner-Wright

Since 2001, we have partnered with House of Hope and St. Anna Care Centre to work together to help children in need in Kenya by providing care and education for more than 600 children from pre-school through university.

The success of Starfish Kenya is not seen in numbers alone, but in the positive impact our volunteers have witnessed firsthand.

The Organizations We Support:
House of Hope & St. Anna Care Centre

Through the support of donors, Starfish Kenya has been able to provide 22 acres for facility expansions, funding for the House of Hope School, a state of the art chemistry lab, a multi-purpose building for church and other events, a playground and sports fields for recreation, a water well, a sanitary sewer treatment system, development of farmland, a biogas plant for fuel, and a library outfitted with the latest information technology for access to extensive curriculum for K-12.

Starfish Kenya also provides for the care of children at St. Anna Care Centre through child sponsorship. Individual sponsorships provide education and education-related needs, food, and basic medical care for orphaned and disadvantaged children in the Murang’a district of Kenya.  Our St. Anna Care Centre high school graduates are afforded the opportunity for scholarships to institutions of higher learning to further give them hope for a bright and prosperous future.

Get Involved

Won’t you join us on our journey to make an impact in children’s lives? While most of our partners choose to support Starfish Kenya’s mission through donations, we sometimes have a few limited volunteer opportunities in our local community. Please contact us if interested.

We also believe that prayer is the foundation for the success of Starfish Kenya. By praying for the children, students, and staff at the organizations we support, as well as praying for our Starfish Kenya team’s provision, wisdom, and protection, anyone can help with our mission. Thank you!